Our Team

Our amazing yoga + pilates teachers are the very centre of everything we offer here at Mana.

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Dolly Davidson

Dolly is our Studio Manager (and our favourite Scottish lass)!

Dolly has been working in various aspects of the fitness industry for over 10 years. With a passion for all things movement she has been teaching yoga, pilates and barre in Hobart for the last 5 years.

With a love of learning she has also just completed her ASCA level 1 strength and conditioning. When she is not getting the people of Hobart moving you will probably find her in a local cafe or out on a bush walk or on a dance floor having way too much fun!


Kelly Vovou

Kelly is one of our senior teachers here at Mana. Certified in yoga and pilates her classes will nurture your  body through steady flows that explore breath, alignment, movement and balance. She is one of our four co-owners here at Mana.

Through your practice she encourages you to find your own unique way of moving, to be yourself and to move on and off the mat with love, trust and freedom, embracing your true authentic awesome self!!


Lauren Morey

With over 10 years of teaching experience under her belt, Lauren is passionate about educating and sharing yoga with others. She’s also one of our four co-owners here at Mana.

In 2016 Lauren founded one of the only two Yoga Alliance Registered Schools in Hobart, Tasmania. You can also find her at her business, Yoga Space. Her offerings are diverse and annually she facilitates a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training as well a bunch of fun local retreats, workshops and events.

Her love of yoga and wandering nature has her jetting off overseas annually to feed her travel addiction and further her studies. It’s an endless summer in Lauren’s world and naturally this sun lover is now hosting regular retreats in Indonesia and India.  Lauren holds an intention to simply share the good vibes of life and yoga and empower others to lead a life crafted by their own design.

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Lilly Dyer

Lilly explores a slow and steady practice. Her passion for rhythmic flow, slow breath and movement meditation encourages students to feel empowered in their bodies. Finding yoga as a teenager, Lilly aims to share how yoga can transform life off the mat. 

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Meg Lovell

Meg has practiced yoga for over 10 years having enjoyed a range of styles including Vinyasa flow, Hatha and Yin Yoga. She is fully qualified and Yoga Alliance Registered having completed the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in a Vinyasa Flow styled practice.

Meg has a deep passion and love for yoga given its amazing health benefits and is keen to share her passion to motivate and connect with students in their quests for fitness and wellness through yoga. Meg offers excellent interpersonal skills, providing inspiration to students on the power of positive thinking, as well as being reliable, authentic and encouraging students to meet their goals in a safe and nurturing environment.


Jacs Liffiton

Jacqueline, also known as Jacs completed her Honours in Sport Science followed by a Masters in Human Performance in 2012. Jacs has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the past 7 years with Athletics Tasmania, AFL Tasmania, Tasmania Rugby 7s and North Melbourne AFLW. Through her time working in sport she has come to realise the importance of recovery and taking care of your body through mindfulness and yoga. Jacs takes an alignment and anatomy approach to her teachings and was trained in hatha/vinyasa yoga.

“When practicing yoga with alignment, the body becomes the vehicle to union. As we breath to move through the poses, chemical changes take place that produce a feeling of well being and relaxation.”

When Jacs isn’t teaching or coaching you can find her in the surf, on the trails or snuggled up on the couch with a cup of coffee.

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Helen Page

Helen brings to her classes a unique and contemporary approach, drawing from the different schools or perspectives to lead high energy, dynamic and fun classes. Mixing vinyasa flow, precision alignment plus touches of mindset training, students can expect a learning experience that opens up new perspectives to learn deeply about themselves. Helen’s classes are designed to meet students where they're at in an easy and playful way to guide them to where they want to be.

Helen likes to layer elements to shape a class. She crafts her instructions for clarity, precision and deep learning, using her communication skills in Neuro-Linguistic Programming to guide students into optimal learning mindsets. As a musician she see’s the importance in curating music to shape and heighten states of flow, sometimes using her own compositions to offer a unique intimate experience.

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Phoenix Harrison

Hi I’m Phoenix. I am a 200hrs Registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. I trained under Lauren Morey, Yoga Space in vinyasa style yoga. I started practicing yoga about 10 years ago. I practiced yoga regularly through my whole pregnancy and continued into motherhood. Yoga  continues to help me with my mind and body. I benefit so much from it and I just love to share this experience with the community. I’m a big believer in cultivating the power of breath throughout the practice. My classes include pranayama breathing, a thorough warm up for safety, asanas for flexibility, strength, balance and stability. For example, forward bends, back bends, lunges, standing balance, arm balance, twists and inversions. Basically move all planes of the body and complete the practice with relaxing savasana.

I love spending time with my family and friends. I love meeting new people, travelling, being in nature, singing in my car and in the shower, drinking smoothie and chai. I love working on projects, skateboarding , roller skating and surfing. I love reading good books, watching movies. I get excited finding new vegetarian menus in restaurants.

Looking forward to seeing on the mat. Namaste.

Sophie Fahey

Sophie developed a love for yoga in her early teens to settle the fluctuations of her over active mind.

A decade later she took the leap and completed her 200hr Vinyasa teacher training. Within 12 months of teaching she realised her real passion was reducing fear and bringing empowerment to women during pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting so, she completed further training in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga with the Sydney Pregnancy Centre.

Sophie empowers women to harness their inner goddess, breathe through pain and move with calmness and intuition.


Kyia Clayton

Kyia has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2019. She teaches from the heart, without foreign words, bringing a contemporary style of friendly flow to each class. She likes to keep her classes available for many levels of practice, including the newcomers.

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Alice Frier

Alice was born and raised in Tasmania. She has a back ground of competitive swimming and soccer. When she finished school she travelled for many years. She found her love for yoga almost 10 years ago, whilst living in Western Australia.

Trained in India, Alice’s classes are a gentle combination of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, suitable for all levels. She strives towards sharing the importance of breath and body awareness with her students, focussing mainly on the way postures feel rather than the way they look.

Alice loves sharing her yoga journey and bringing people together. Outside of Mana you will find her running retreats, pop up events and community classes.

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Sophie Laird

Sophie first fell in love with yoga at age 19 because of the way the practice made her feel physically and mentally. She was trained at fit hot yoga and then gained her 200hr teacher training in vinyasa yoga with Frog Lotus Yoga in Ubud, Bali at age 21. She has been teaching at Mana and previously Fit Hot on and off for the last eight years when she is not exploring the world.

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Jen Codee

Jen’s love of yoga started when she thought she’d try yoga for some lower back pain after the birth of her second child. Before long, she was hooked, with increased energy levels, improved focus and clarity, and an overall feeling of amazing ness! She wanted to share this with others, and completed her 200hr teacher training in 2015 with Byron Yoga,  followed by Yin teacher training in 2017 and Meditation teacher training in 2018. This provides a great contrast to her other life as a registered nurse, and continues to feed her curiosity about the full spectrum of health and wellness, embracing a holistic approach to living a balanced life, through to “dis-ease” and illness. Jen’s classes are for all abilities, with an underlying philosophy that through reconnecting back to self, and moving and breathing with awareness in our bodies, the benefits of practice continue beyond class, bringing a richness to life off the mat.

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Ebony Prins

Ebony is a Mover, Yoga & Acroyoga teacher as well as a Bodyworker and Breathwork practitioner. Ebony has been immersed in the world of body-based therapies for over a decade, both teaching and continuing the lifelong study of becoming embodied. Fascinated and humbled by the human body and the innate wisdom it carries, Ebony works with people in many forms to explore more of who we are, beneath our skin. 

Ebony loves teaching many styles and forms of Yoga, from more active Vinyasa style classes, to slower more introspective practices such as Yin Yoga, meditation and breathwork.  Handstands and inverted asanas are also some of Ebony's specialities, and you'll often find her hanging out upside down.   

Ebony draws from her diverse movement to bring a fun and playful approach to moving in new ways and being curious about where our bodies can take us! 

Ebony also works with people one-on-one, to progress their practice, address physical injuries or explore their emotional and mental selves. Her drive comes from a yearning to help others feel connected to themselves, their bodies, their natural landscapes and their community, as a gateway to wholeness.

Alastar Tucker

Alastar Tucker

Alastar discovered yoga in his early twenties and was instantly drawn to the practice through the power of connection experienced within the body, breath and mind. Yoga has been a constant in his life ever since, learning a variety of different styles of practice throughout his journey. Alastar completed his 200hr yoga teacher training through Yoga Space. His passion for mindful movement and embodiment of breath facilitates a powerful, dynamic, yet nurturing vinyasa flow style practice.