The Classes

This is your journey. No one else’s.

So when you walk into a Mana yoga, pilates or meditation class; you leave competition at the door.

When you visit, wear comfortable clothing that you can move (and sweat!) in.

Bring a drink of water and a mat (we also hire mats for $2 each).


Keep watch on our timetable for class times and, if you’re not sure what class is right for you, what about…

Heated Yoga

We don’t need to tell you how good heated yoga is for you - improved flexibility, weight loss, metabolism boost, immunity boost and improved blood circulation . . . Plus, hot yoga just feels good, right? Our heated yoga classes use classic yoga postures integrated into a flow of standing and floor poses that strengthen bones, tone muscles and benefit balance. This class combines the most popular and beneficial yoga poses of hot and flow yoga for a creative and fun fusion class.


Flow class integrates yoga postures and flowing breath to bring about an energizing and balancing effect on your body and mind. You will strengthen your upper body and core and experience new body awareness and flexibility in different parts of the body. Step out of this class energized, relaxed and light. You will create a gentle heat from the inside out. The room is warmed for comfort on cooler days.


Let’s start with building the foundations – how to move your body in a way that gives you stability, confidence and a solid base to not only support you but help create your own flow. Each week we will break down yoga asanas (postures), establish correct alignment and teach pranayama (breathing) techniques to connect with movement. Our basics classes run on a 4-week cycle. They will benefit beginners and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of yoga asanas.


Poses are held for longer in Yin than other styles of yoga, allowing you to fully let go and stretch out your body. Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues between the muscles and fascia throughout the body. It will strengthen your joints and improve overall circulation. Yin yoga improves your flexibility and regulates the body’s flow of energy.

Mat Pilates

Ready for a complete workout of body and mind? Joseph Pilates said “The mind when housed in a healthful body possesses a glorious sense of power.” We want you to feel that power. With attention to core support, flexibility and range of motion for the joints, our mat pilates classes will guide you in a way that aids muscle stabilisation. This will not only lengthen muscles but also improve posture and strength.

Prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a specialised and gentle yoga class designed to accommodate all stages of pregnancy and all levels including beginners. The practice of prenatal yoga enables you to utilise your amazing inner resources of strength, calmness and intuition whilst moving your body to maintain a healthy and relaxed practice. You will learn important prenatal relaxation skills, positions, and breathing for labour, birth and parenting.

Community Class - Free

Are you a newbie to yoga? Maybe you’re new to Mana. Would you like to get a feel for the space? Our weekly community classes are designed for you! Community classes are all about building confidence. Come along, try it out, meet our friendly instructors and join our Mana community - for free!


This class is by donation - a treat for your mind and soul, and a gift from us to you. Whether you are a Mana member or new to Mana, join us for a meditation practice suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators alike. Meditation is an intentional practice of mindfulness - an observation and awareness drawn to various forms - your breath, your body, your thoughts. It is meditation ‘practice’, not meditation ‘perfect’, allowing you to slow your body and breath, giving you space to reduce stress and worry, and increase a sense of peace and wellbeing. Our meditation classes align beautifully with all physical yoga classes.

Are you a high school or college student?

You can attend our 4.15pm class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for only $5! We know that school can be stressful, so come and drop into practice with us to help find balance between your studies, life and self.

You’ll need to get your parents or guardians to give their consent before you practice though - so print off this form, get them to sign for you, and bring to class!