- a supernatural force, or inherent power -

- the power of the elemental forces of nature embodied in an object or person -

Mana Movement Studio began life as Fit Hot Yoga Hobart - the first in Tasmania to offer heated yoga classes in 2008.

After 11 years, Fit Hot Yoga Hobart has new owners.

Allow us to introduce…..

Mana Movement Studio

Combining heated and non-heated yoga, meditation and pilates with workshops and special events, join us to embrace your movement of breath, movement of body and movement of thought at Mana.


Try our 30 days for $30 introductory offer now. All classes are beginner friendly. Heated and non-heated options. Full studio access.

Pay $30 and get a full 30 days of unlimited yoga, pilates and meditation.

How does unlimited yoga + pilates + meditation

for less than $30 a week sound?

Prefer a single class or class pack?

Whether you are a regular yogi, or prefer to stretch once or twice a week - Mana has a membership or class pack to suit your needs.

Check out our Pricing page for more information and contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat,

Kelly, Lauren, Kate and Helen - your Mana Movement Crew